Well it’s all over sadly. We have new Stanley Cup champions and they are the Chicago Blackhawks.  I thought they would beat the Bruins in 7 and was off by one game. Still I have to say that was the wildest finish to a Stanley Cup Final that I will probably ever see. Maybe 2008 when Marian Hossa came within an eyelash of sending game 6 into overtime and perhaps keeping the Penguins alive comes close. That Hossa kid has a knack for ending up in interesting finals doesn’t he? I thought Patrick Sharp deserved the Conn Smythe a bit more than Kane as he was far more consistent in the playoffs for the Hawks but this is nitpicking really. That was a fantastic finish to a stellar series and as a hockey fan I can only pray we get another one like that next year. Preferably with the Rangers winning it all but I’ll take what I can get. Now no hockey until October. I am sad now.