You may be wondering why I haven’t been cranking out any reviews lately.  To put it simply it’s the holidays. The main theater I frequent is attached to a mall so even my masochism isn’t enough to make me want to head there this time of year. Also while I can still watch DVD’s I have no Bluray player still as my luck with them has been shit to say the least. Murder is being contemplated. Also I’ve been working quite a bit lately and when I am not it seems I am out quite a bit.

Also contemplating a Walking Dead recap show come February. I should have started one for this season but did not for some reason. The first half of this season has blown me away and I feel like its going to get a lot worse before it gets better, in a good way of course. I hope to get to Zero Dark Thirty and Hitchcock in NYC before their general release just because I lack patience. Anyway I might get something up by the end of the week as I did just get the new Mystery Science Theater 300 box set and I’m almost through with it already. Addiction, I haz one.