I was just watching Friday the 13th (the original not that awful remake) and decided to check out the commentary track.  I realized that the producers of said DVD had decided to commit one of the worst possible sins on a DVD extra.  They had several people involved in the movie record separate commentaries and then edited everything together even having someone introduce each person as it was their turn to speak. The result is what could be a very interesting commentary coming out as an aggravating disjointed mess. Just get everyone in the room and let them bullshit away in real time, it feels so much more organic.  The folks at Criterion did the same thing with Videodrome instead of just getting Debbie Harry and James Woods together and letting them shoot the shit along with the movie.  Drives me fucking nuts when movie companies do this.

I discovered this after another annoyance when I got my hands on the movie Livid, from the makers of Inside which is a really good and incredibly gruesome French horror flick from 2008.  One of those great movies that you utterly love it but never want to watch it again because it’s so nihilistic.  Well I couldn’t watch that because these guys had committed another cardinal sin.  They got the subtitles done by people who had at best a questionable grasp of the English language.  When you are watching a dark, atmospheric horror film the subtitles shouldn’t have you laughing like a maniac.  It’s hard to keep yourself in the moment when some serious Engrish breaks out.  Now I admit I wasn’t watching my bluray of this as my DVD player which advertised itself as all-region is a fucking liar so maybe these were different subtitles than the ones on the disc but ye gods. If these are the correct ones then there is no hope for the movie at all.

On the bright side the Maryland Deathfest got its venue issues sorted out and I saw Looper today so its not all bad.  Also it’s October which means shittons of horror flicks for the next 31 days. Yeah, I fucking love Halloween. Now you go see Looper, and see Dredd 2 or 3 times I beg you.  I want a sequel so fucking bad.