My CDs for sale by artists starting with the letter V-Z along with some odds and ends that I have leftover..

Please leave all requests in the comment thread so they are easier for me to keep track of, thank you. First come first served.

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Vanquished – Black Northern Storm
Vehemence – The Thoughts from Which I Hide
Venom – Resurrection, Metal Black
Verbal Assault – s/t
Verdunkeln – Einblick in der Qualenfall
Vesania – God the Lux, Firefrost Arcanum
Village of Dead Roads – Spiritu Split
Visions of the Night – Human Failures
Vital Remains – Icons of Evil, Dechristianize, Horrors of Hell
Voivod – War and Pain (1 and 3 disc versions), Voivod, Lives, Kronik, Katorz, Warriors of Ice, Infini
vorkuta – Into the Chasms of Lunacy
Vortex – Imminence of Death
Vreid – Pitch Black Brigade


Tom Waits – Blue Valentine, Alice, Blood Money, Mule Variations, Small Change, Franks Wild Years, Big Time
Walhalla – Firereich
Warbringer – One by one the wicked fall
Warhammer – Curse of the absolute eclipse, the doom messiah, towards the chapter of chaos
Watain – Lawless Darkness, Casus Luciferi, Sworn to the Dark
Watch them Die – s/t, Bastard Son
Wehrwolfe – Godless we Stand
Robin Williams – Live 2002, A Night at the Met
Witchery – Witchburner, Restless and Dead, Witchkrieg, Symphony for the Devil
Wrnlrd – Cpertadt


Xbrainiax – Hail Fastcore


Weird Al Yankovic – Even Worse, Off the Deep End, Alapalooza, Bad Hair Day, Running with Scissors
Yyrkoon – Occult Medicine, Unhealthy Opera


Zeke – Flat Tracker, Super Sound Racing, Kicked in the Teeth, Dirty Sanchez, Dolphenwulf, Til the Livin End, Live and Uncensored
Zeni Geva – Total Castration
Zero Ciper – 45 Minutes of Fairytale Endings
Rob Zombie – Hellbilly Deluxe
Zyklon – World ov Worms


Mass Effect
Hardcore Logo
The Nightmare Before Christmas
A Clockwork Orange
The Empire Strikes Back
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters Colon The Soundtrack
Repo Man

Various Artists

Black on Black A Tribute to Black Flag
Requiems of Revulsion A Tribute to Carcass
King Diamond Tribute
Free the West Memphis Three
Masters of Misery – Black Sabbath the Earache Tribute
Rise Above 24 Black Flag songs to Benefit the West Memphis Three
Metal Ostentation Vol. 7
Slatanic Slaughter 1
Virus 100 A tribute to the Dead Kennedys
Nativity in Black 1 and 2
Darkthone Holy Darkthrone
In Conspiracy with Satan A Tribute to Bathory
Alpha Motherfucker A Tribute to Turbonegro
Created to Kill – Drowning, Brodequin, Aborted, Misery Index
The Beavis and Butthead Experience
Tribunal Records – A collection Past Present and Future
Face your Underground Vol 1
Japanese Assault
The Dark Psyche (Sealed)