My CDs for sale by artists starting with the letter O.

Please leave all requests in the comment thread so they are easier for me to keep track of, thank you. First come first served.

Paypal is

Oak – II
Obliveon – Carnivore Motormouth, Cybervoid, Nemesis, From this day forward
October File – Our Souls to You, Holy Armour from the Jaws of God
Ohgr – Welt
Onyx – Bacdafucup
Oomph – Sperm, GlaubeLiebeTod, Unrein, Wunschkind
Opeth – Watershed, Damnation, orchid, The Roundhouse Tapes, Ghost Reveries
Optimum Wound Profil – Lowest Common Dominator (Jewel and Digi), Silver or (Lead Jewel and Digi)
Patton Oswalt – Feelin Kinda Patton, Werewolves and Lollipops