My CDs for sale by artists starting with the letter K.

Please leave all requests in the comment thread so they are easier for me to keep track of, thank you. First come first served.

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Kalibas – Enthusaistic Corruption of the Common Good
Katatonia – Live Consternation (one jewel case one digipak), Last Fair deal gone down, Tonights Decision, For Funerals to Come, Brave Murder Day
Kaiser – Kaiserhof
Keep of Kalessin – Through Times of War, Kolossus, Agnen a journey through the dark
Kill the Client – Cleptocracy, Escalation of Hostility, Set for Extinction
Killing Joke – Inside Extremities Mixes Rehearsals and Live, Extremities Dirt & Various Repressed Emotions, Hosannas from the Basement of Hell
Kimaera – Ebony Veiled
Kiss of Death – Light Yourself on Fire
KMFDM – Boots, Adios, Attak, Sturm und Drang Tour 2002, WWIII Live 2003, WWIII, Hau Ruck, Tohuvabohu, Blitz, Don’t Blow Your Top, What do you know deutschland?, Xtort, Rules, Sucks, Naive-Hell to go, Money, Spilit-Piggyband, Godlike, UAIOE, Glory, WTF?!, Megalomaniac, Symbols, Nihil, Angst (digi and jewel case)
Kreator – Enemy of God, Coma of Souls, Violent Revolution, Extreme Aggression, Out of the dark into the light, Terrible Certainty, Endless Pain
Kult of Azazel – The world the flesh and the devil, Triumph of Fire, Vrolok split
Kyuss – Blues for the red sun, Welcome to Sky Valley, And the Circus Leaves Town