These are my CDs for sale from artists beginning with the letter G.

Please put all requests in the comment section as it makes everything easier to for me to keep track of, thank you.

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Garbage – Garbage, Beautiful Garbage, Version 2.0, Bleed like me, I’m only happy when it rains
The Gathering – Acessories-Rarities & B-sides, Home, Souvenirs, How To Measure a Planet?, Nighttime Birds, Mandylion & Bonus, Almost a Dance, Always.., Downfall-The Early Years, The May Song, If_then else, Superheat, Sleepy Buildings, The West Pole, Monsters, Black Light District, A Noise Severe
The Gault – Even as all before us
Gaze – He is never coming back, I dont care where I go when I die.
Ghost Orgy – Lullabies for Lunatics
Goatsnake – Dog Days
Goatwhore – The Eclipse of Ages into black, Carving out the eyes of god
God – God
God Dethroned – The Grand Grimoire, Passiondale, The Toxic Touch, The Lair of the White Worm, Into the Lungs of Hell, Ravenous, Bloody Blasphemy, Ancient Ones
Godflesh – Streetcleaner (2 disc re-release and single disc original), In All Languages, Us and them, Slavestate, Love and hate in dub, Cold World, Pure, Songs of Love and Hate, Messiah, Hymns
Gojira – From Mars to Sirius, The Way of all flesh
Gorgoroth – Twilight of the Idols, Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam, Antichrist, Pentagram, Under the sign of hell, Destroyer, Incipit Satan
Gorguts – And then comes Lividity demo anthology, Considered Dead, tHE eROSION OF Sanity, Obscura, From Wisdom to hate, Live in Rotterdam
Gorod – Neurotripsicks, Leading Vision, Process of a new decline
Graboids – Infinite Delay
Graf Orlock – Destination Time Tomorrow
Grave – Back from the Grave
Grenouer – Border of Misty Times, Try
Grief – Dismal, Turbulent Times, Come to Grief
Grimfist – Ghouls of Grandeur, 10 Steps to Hell
Grimness – Increase Humanity Disgust
Grinderman – Grinderman
A Gruesome Find – Of Blood and Nobility