My CD clearance sale for Artists beginning with the Letter F.

Please put all requests in the comment section as it makes everything easier to for me to keep track of, thank you.

Paypal is

Faith no More – The Real Thing, King for a day fool for a lifetime, Angel Dust
Fall of Because – Life is Easy
Fall of Empyrean – A Darkness Remembered
Fear – The Record
Fear Factory – Concrete, Demanufacture, Soul of a new machine, Archetype, Mechanize
Final Breath – Let me be your tank
Flesh Parade – Kill Whitey, Dirty Sweet (sealed)
Floodgate – Penalty
Formicide – s/t copmpilation
The Forsaken – Manifest of hate, Arts of Desolation, Traces of the past
Frightener – Guillotine (2)
Front 242 – Tyranny for You
Fuck I’m Dead – Engorged split, Bring on the dead
Fuck the facts – Mullet Fever, Compilation o splits 2002-2004, Mincing Fury
Fudge Tunnel – Teeth, Fudgecake, Creep Diets, The Complicated Futility of Ignorance
Fueled by Fire – Spread the fire
The Furor – Advance Austrailia Warfare, Invert Absolute