My list of CD’s by artists beginning with the letter E.

Please put all requests in the comment section as it makes everything easier to for me to keep track of, thank you.

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Ebolie – Elevation into disintegration
Ebony Tears – Evil as hell
E-Force – Evil Forces
Einsturzende Neubauten – Haus Der Leuge, Silence is Sexy, Halber Mensch, 2×4, Drawings of patient OT, Kollaps
Electro Quarterstaff – Gretzky
Elenium – Caught in a Wheel
Emperor – Emperor/Wrath of the tyrant, In the nightside eclipse, Anthems to the welkin at dusk, IX equilibrium, Reverence, Imperial Live Ceremony
End of the universe – You’re the disease
Enshadowed – Intensity
Enslaved – Emperor split, Viklingr Veldi, Axioma Ethica Odini, Frost, Eld, Blodhemn, Mardraum, Monumension, Below the Lights, Isa, Vertebra, Ruun
Enthral – Subterranean Movement
The Entity – Salt
Ethereal Architecht – Dissension
Eucharist – Mirrorworlds
Evildoer – Terror Audio
The Everdawn – Poems burn the past
Excessive Force – Blitzkreig
Exhale – Prototype
Exhumed – Gore Metal, Slaughtercult, Anatomy is Destiny, Platters of splatter (3 disc)
Extortion – Degenerate