Would You Rather?


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My review of the movie Would You Rather? I know this one is really short but there isn’t much to say. I hope to get in The World’s End and You’re Next later this week, getting the plague kind of fucked up that plan for now.

2013 NHL Season Postscript.

Well it’s all over sadly. We have new Stanley Cup champions and they are the Chicago Blackhawks.  I thought they would beat the Bruins in 7 and was off by one game. Still I have to say that was the wildest finish to a Stanley Cup Final that I will probably ever see. Maybe 2008 when Marian Hossa came within an eyelash of sending game 6 into overtime and perhaps keeping the Penguins alive comes close. That Hossa kid has a knack for ending up in interesting finals doesn’t he? I thought Patrick Sharp deserved the Conn Smythe a bit more than Kane as he was far more consistent in the playoffs for the Hawks but this is nitpicking really. That was a fantastic finish to a stellar series and as a hockey fan I can only pray we get another one like that next year. Preferably with the Rangers winning it all but I’ll take what I can get. Now no hockey until October. I am sad now.